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Experience Room

The EACD Bruges 2024 Experience Room on Friday 31/05/2024 (location BMCC Main Hall)

The EACD Bruges 2024 Experience Room is envisioned to create an environment during the congress days that takes visitors, therapists, and people with lived experience on different journeys, demo’s and try-outs, illustrating how new innovations in the area of childhood-onset disabilities are connecting people through new technologies, innovative rehab aids, early & smart mobility, serious gaming, data-driven insights, and so on! This all to help users, families and healthcare professionals to deliver on a quadruple aim: 

Be part of the welcoming atmosphere at the EACD Bruges 2024 Experience Room. Experience Room visitors will be able to try out the latest innovations and have the opportunity to talk to experts and end-users. Join us in exploring how we enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey toward transforming care delivery and improving patient and/or user experience, all enabled by and through innovative and digitalizing healthcare.

Improved accessibility to mobility, communication, leisure activities and learning activities is one of the long-term intentions of EACD Bruges 2024 to create impact for the local community. (See for more information:  EACD 2024 Impact Task Force ). With the organization of an easily accessible, low threshold experience room we give accessibility to well established and newly emerging solutions for daily life activities such as rehabilitation tools, low and high tech accessories, sports and serious gaming, mobility aids, leisure time adjustments, smart and easy usable toys and even musical instruments, …  See you there to be surprised about the wide variety of available solutions, from low-tech to high-tech and from simple to complex. Come take a look and try it out!