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Enjoy Bruges

Accessible for anyone

Welcome in Bruges, UNESCO cultural heritage

Bruges is a charming city in the western part of Belgium, where the people are native Flemish speaking, but English and French are equally common languages as the city attracts more than 2 million tourists every year. It is located in the heart of Europe, and is easily accessible by plane to Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and London, and then by regular train connections, or by car.

Bruges is a small city on a human scale, with a tangible architectural presence of its medieval Hanze history, which transforms a walk from the hotel to any venue into a feast for all senses.

The historic city centre of Bruges is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Everything lies within walking distance. There are excellent hotels, all of them in the city centre. Bruges has a wide range of special venues with a unique atmosphere, and is packed with history. It is a quiet, safe & green city with enchanting canals & picturesque corners. Together with Amsterdam, Bruges is often called the “Venice of the North”.

Cultural activities and art are everywhere. There are famous theatre and concert halls, and attractive museums with paintings of the Flemish primitives. Bruges also has a beautiful cathedral and several prominent churches, a renowned beguinage and several abbeys.

Apart from a rich culture, Bruges is also the home of century old traditions, such as the manual production of lace, the art of making fine chocolates and, of course, the unique devotion to excellent quality of more than 500 types of beer.

Every aspect of an accessible tourist visit to Bruges was mapped out in a brochure. It provides information about museums and attractions, pubs, restaurants, public toilets, tourist information offices, accommodation, care, tools, transport and parking. The handy removable map with descriptions tells you exactly which route you should take to avoid obstacles. Download the brochure here: Bruges – Accessible for everyone | VISITFLANDERS.

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